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A Fresh Look at Keratoconus: Personal Insights from Your Go-To Optometrist

Keratoconus Demystified

Picture this: the eye's front window, the cornea, deviates from its customary gentle curve to mimic a cone. This transformation disrupts the normal path of light as it focuses on the back of the eye, in vision that is both blurred and distorted. This visual distortion becomes increasingly difficult to correct via glasses and traditional contact lenses. 

Why Standard Glasses Just Don't Make the Cut

In the world of eye fashion, glasses often steal the spotlight. However, even the best glasses prescription may feel imperfect in the context of keratoconus. Why? Because the glasses prescription cannot resolve the light scatter caused by irregular astigmatism. 

The Elegance of Scleral Contact Lenses

Individuals with keratoconus often experience enhanced visual clarity when using gas permeable contact lenses and scleral lenses. Due to the progressive nature of keratoconus, some patients may discover that gas permeable lenses no longer offer the desired level of vision clarity. Many patients find that scleral contact lenses not only provide improved comfort but also offer enhanced visual acuity.

1. Tailor-Made Vision:

Just like a custom-tailored suit, scleral lenses are precisely fitted to the unique shape of your eye, ensuring an unmatched clarity that's as personal as your signature.

2. Clearer Views:

These lenses vault over the cornea smoothly, akin to a well-polished lens, offering a view of the world as sharp and clear as a high-definition screen. Scleral lenses will maximize the visual potential of the eye, providing more enhanced clarity and comfort.

3. Comfort in Every Aspect:

Designed to be as comfortable as lounging in your favorite armchair, scleral lenses provide relief, especially for those with tender eyes.


At Eycon, we're not just about sharp vision; we're about providing an experience that’s truly unique and personalized. So drop by, enjoy a complimentary beverage, and let’s discuss how we can bring clarity and style back to your vision. Your eyes deserve the best, and I'm here to deliver just that. 

Remember at Eycon, We see you.

Kindly note: This blog is for your reading pleasure and is not a substitute for real-deal medical advice. Always consult a professional for eye health concerns.

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